Our interior and exterior construction teams have had a productive legislative interim and we are currently making preparations for the 2020 legislative session. Since the end of the last legislative session in May 2019, we have completed work in the following areas:

  • House of Representatives 2nd-5th floor offices in the west wing
  • Supreme Court
  • Senate 2nd and 3rd floor north wing offices
  • 2nd floor rotunda
  • Governor’s office suite and large conference room
  • DPS security office
  • West entrance vestibule
  • Restrooms on the ground floor, 2nd floor, 4th floor, and 5th floor

Visitors to the capitol will notice a few changes in the building during the upcoming legislative session. The most noticeable change is on the 4th floor. The inner rotunda will be closed during session for ongoing repairs. The corridor surrounding the rotunda will still be open and access to fourth floor member offices, committee rooms, and chambers will not be inhibited. The 1st floor rotunda will also be closed. The 2nd floor rotunda will be open and accessible.

There will be three operational elevators during session. The southeast elevator will be closed for demolition and replacement. Three of the stairways adjacent to the rotunda will be accessible. The northeast stairwell will be closed for marble restoration and painting.

The 3rd floor restrooms will be closed for renovation until February 28th. The 1st floor restrooms will close for renovation on February 28th and reopen on May 8th. All other restrooms will be open including the newly installed restrooms on the ground floor adjacent to the visitor center. Privacy rooms are available for nursing mothers. To access them, please check into Room 101 to obtain a badge.

In mid-March, the Lt. Governor’s office will be moving to its new permanent home in the building in the south wing of the 1st floor. The Treasurer’s office is under construction and will be complete in mid-May. Until then, it is temporarily located at 9520 N. May Avenue in Oklahoma City.

For a map of the areas of the capitol that will not be accessible during session, please click here. Areas shaded in purple will be off limits to visitors.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during this critical project to restore our state capitol.

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