Capitol Restoration Project

Video: Interior Project Update

Work has begun in earnest on the ground floor of the Capitol. In this video, Manhattan Construction’s Andrea Gossard explains how plans are to have the basement 100 percent cleared out by the end of the year. As of now, the work is three to four weeks ahead of schedule. Watch the video and get the full update:  […]

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Construction-related Changes Coming for Capitol Basement

With the Capitol now a full-time construction zone amid demolition in the basement inside and installation of scaffolding outside, tenants and visitors should be aware of the following changes necessary for construction and safety: The southwest elevator will shut down Monday, Oct. 3 until the end of 2018. To minimize elevator disruption, three elevators will remain in service at all […]

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Capitol Restoration Progress Update

Outside In mid-July, crews began installing scaffolding on the west face of the Capitol’s north wing. Large scaffolding can now be seen by passersby on Lincoln Boulevard and around the Capitol grounds. It is the most visible sign of progress to date on this historic restoration project. Interestingly, the scaffolding used on the Oklahoma Capitol was also used in the restoration of […]

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Visitor & Employee Resources