This summer marks three years of construction on the Capitol Restoration Project. Project funding was first authorized by a $120 million bond issue passed by the legislature and signed by the governor in 2014. A subsequent bond issue was passed in 2016 for $125 million. Prior to the start of restoration activities, the State Capitol had appeared on Preservation Oklahoma’s “Most Endangered Places” list twice and the building had numerous life safety issues due to failing infrastructure, both on the interior and exterior. With each passing month, the Capitol is beginning to reclaim its former glory as areas inside and outside the building undergo meticulous restoration work.

To date, these are the accomplishments on the Capitol Restoration Project:


  • Completion of House and Senate staff office suites in Rooms 109, 112, and 309
  • Completion of the new mechanical room with new equipment to service the geothermal climate control system
  • Completion of the new electrical room to service the entire building
  • Installation of a new emergency power generator powered by natural gas – a first for the Capitol
  • Completion of the new Ground floor West Corridor
  • Installation of the new southwest elevator
  • Completion of the House Post Office and House facilities staff offices
  • Completion of the Fitness Center
  • Completion of the Secretary of State office suite
  • Completion of the Ethics Commission and State Election Board office suites
  • Completion of the 6th floor Senate staff office suite and conference area
  • Completion of the Ground floor Senate office and storage area
  • Completion of the OMES/Secretary of Finance office suite
  • Installation of new fire suppression system in all completed construction areas
  • Installation of new access control systems and security cameras in all completed construction areas
  • Installation of air handlers and outside air units for the west wing
  • 160 tons of asbestos containing materials have been removed from the Capitol
  • Asbestos has been completely removed from the Ground floor
  • Approximately 19 miles of abandoned cabling has been removed
  • 1,200 feet of old plumbing pipes have been replaced
  • 120,000 square feet of the Capitol interior has been restored to date


  • Completion of 9 of 12 exterior elevations of the Capitol
  • Completion of 2 of 4 exterior elevations around the drum base of the Capitol dome
  • 1,000 feet of new guttering installed
  • 1,779 dutchman stone repairs completed
  • 267 of 477 original steel-frame windows completely restored
  • 18.5 miles of mortar joints re-pointed with new mortar
  • 56,000 square feet of limestone cleaned
  • Repair and refurbishment of the west plaza, which includes new concrete, structural improvements, and drainage improvements
  • Structural rebuild of the southwest battlement
  • Repair and repainting of the decorative cast iron at the historic main entrance to the Capitol
  • Waterproofing of the Capitol Ground floor
  • New paint on the cast iron state seal at the historic main entrance to the Capitol
  • Replacement of 28 clerestory windows in the Senate chamber
  • Complete restoration of 12 historic exterior light fixtures and fabrication of 2 replica light fixtures
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