About a dozen media members were shown an close-up and high-up view today of the work being done on the exterior of Oklahoma’s Capitol.

Capitol Restoration Project Manager Trait Thompson and Vance Kelley, with Treanor Architects, led the tour that showed the testing of different methods for cleaning and restoring the Capitol’s exterior.

The testing is to find “what repairs work best with the different materials” and will last the longest, Thompson said.

climbing scaffolding-still-color
Media members climb up the scaffolding on their way to learn about mortar joints.


The tour showed press corps members several different aspects of the job facing architects, preservationists and other restoration workers. Media members were led up three levels of scaffolding to view a window and the work being done to try to save the original material.

On the north side of the building, journalists witnessed a demonstration of methods for cleaning the Capitol’s limestone facade.

Restoration workers demonstrate a method for cleaning the limestone facade of the 100 year-old Capitol.


Restoration workers are exploring cleaning methods and products to determine the best solution for removing stains and soiling on the building in the gentlest and most effective manner.

Lastly, the press corps was led up five levels of scaffolding to view work being done on mortar joints.

The trial repairs will probably last through September, Thompson said. “It’s the people’s house. We want to make sure what we do will last.”

arch closeup
Media members got a close-up look at some of the deterioration of windows at the Capitol.
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