Capitol Restoration Project

Panoramic view of Capitol with construction team

Upcoming Changes at the Capitol

With the legislature adjourned for 2019, the Capitol Restoration Project will once again accelerate the pace of work in order to accomplish as much as possible prior to the start of the 2020 legislative session. During this interim, work will occur in the following areas: House east wing offices (floors 2-6) 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floor north wing Senate offices  […]

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Capitol Restoration Update

Our crews have been busy throughout the Fall and into the new year wrapping up critical tasks. Here’s the latest progress update on the Capitol Restoration Project: Exterior Update Our stone and restoration crews are currently working on the twelfth and final exterior elevation of the building. They are making the last of the stone repairs, finishing up the stone cleaning, and […]

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New Capitol Color Scheme Based on Analysis and Research

This post is adapted from a presentation made by Stephen Kelley, historic preservation specialist for the interior restoration team at the State Capitol, to the State Capitol Repair Expenditure Oversight Committee on August 9, 2018. In the fall, painters will begin applying the new color scheme to selected areas inside the Capitol for the purposes of a mockup. Mockups are […]

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