Home to all three branches of state government and vast collections of priceless state art, the State Capitol is itself a work of art, and is more uniquely Oklahoman than any other Oklahoma building. It was Oklahoma’s grandest achievement as a young state when it was built between 1914 and 1917. But in 2014, after a century of heavy use, harsh Oklahoma weather and inconsistent maintenance and preservation efforts, the building’s mechanical systems were failing, the exterior façade was crumbling and its prospects of meeting the state’s needs for another hundred years were fading. Recognizing the need to act, the Legislature and Gov. Mary Fallin in 2014 and 2016 enacted legislation providing funding for the Capitol’s first-ever comprehensive, top-to-bottom restoration. Investigation and construction work began in 2015. Throughout the project, this website will serve as a repository of information on all efforts to restore the Capitol and prepare it for another century of service to Oklahoma.

About the Restoration

History, Restoration, Oversight and Leadership


The Capitol is disintegrating -- actually crumbling.

Restoration Need

Capitol History

Construction began in 1914 using the best material around ...


Oversight Committee

State Capitol Repair Expenditure Oversight Committee


Project Leadership

Working to make restoration a reality.