Restoration Need

The Need for Restoration

The Oklahoma Capitol is part office building, part museum and part public gathering place, and it needs to provide a safe, workable environment for the public to engage their government and for their government to function.

Unfortunately, the Capitol is disintegrating — actually crumbling — and may soon be unable to meet its most basic needs.

For nearly 100 years, Oklahoma rains, heat and cold have beaten on the building’s limestone veneer, causing it to begin crumbling to the ground. Inside, major mechanical systems are failing, historic features are fading and key meeting and office space is unable to meet current or future needs. Add to all that some ill-fated repair attempts over the years, and it’s time to fix the people’s building before it’s too late.

The Capitol restoration initiated by the Legislature and Gov. Mary Fallin in 2014 is intended to address the critical mechanical and infrastructure problems plaguing the building and preserve its unique historic character while properly preparing it to accommodate modern needs well into the 21st century.